The Tens Talk New Vinyl (Audio Story Example)

The Los Angeles band The Tens was founded in March of 2014 and have since put out many songs in addition to touring the United States. The next step for them is cutting their tunes onto a gramophone record, something lead singer and co-founder of the band, Hunter Nakazono, has always wanted for the group.


Hunter: Recording to vinyl is.. You have microphones in a room and the band’s in that room, so that recording, and then so that recording, those signals go straight to this machine that the vibrations of the sounds you’re making in that room are literally being cut into this piece of plastic. And those physical vibrations are like one-degree separation from the experience that we’re having in that room. So if you’re listening to a record or you’re listening to a CD or something, that’s you just hearing this band and what they sounded like in that moment in time. You know if you go through digitally, you overdub and you do all this stuff to it that’s just, it’s almost like taking a picture of a picture. It like degrades its integrity a little bit every time you do something, so we were just thinking vinyl and really going directly to it there’s no line and we’re not hiding behind anything, there’s no smoke and mirrors. We’re just trying to essentially record a slice in time in there. 18 minutes a side and then do another 18 and I think we’re going to try to do four sides.


Nakazono elaborates on the Nashville recording studio where the band will record their full LP and the obstacles they may need to overcome to get the perfect sound.


Hunter: This studio we’re going to is called Welcome to 1979 and they specialize in analog recording but they also geek out about vinyl and cutting the vinyl. They’re one of the few studios in the world that has the giant lathe machine that you pretty much press GO and then they put the needle on the lacquer and it starts to cut into it live. So if you want to do a direct to vinyl cut recording, you need to cut the whole side in one take because they don’t have the ability to stop the machine.


Nakazono has been playing music almost his entire life as he comes from a musical family. In fact, his brother Nicholas plays percussion for the band. Nakazono speaks about what music means to him and why he chooses to spend his life connecting to others through song.


Hunter: Just kind of like, trying to get in touch with the human experience. We’re all living different lives but really we’re all experiencing the same kind of stuff just in different flavors. It’s just about seeing different perspectives and just use your own experience to describe your perspective on reality that way.


The Tens can be found on Facebook, Bandcamp and Vimeo under the name TheRoaringTens. Nakazono decided to treat me with a live acoustic version of their song Flowers. Nakazono plays the guitar and sings while being assisted in this recording by Nicholas Nakazono on drums, Masa Goto on bass, Adam Churilla on guitar and Lizzie Bassett on tambourine and backup vocals.

(live acoustic version of Flowers performed by The Tens in the MavRadio studios located at the University of Nebraska at Omaha)

For the UNO School of Communication, I’m Marti Vaughan.

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